Jordie Donachie is a professional photographer based in the UK who specialises in portraiture and landscape through his own signature filmic style.


With a highly cinematic mind, Jordie prodcues images with an underlying narrative and slick stylings which keep up with contemporary photographic standard whilst keeping his work fresh. His personal work shows key areas and themes inside of cinema whilst combining a strong photographic presence.





2007/8 | Black and White Dark Room Experience
2009 | Donachie/King Pre Wedding Photographer
2009/12 | Student Studio Experience
2012 | Carrington/Davis Wedding Photographer
2012 | Donachie/Hughes Pre and Post Wedding Photographer
2012/13 | Old Empire Motorcycles Promo Photographer
2013 | SongLines Magazine Photographers Assistant
2013 | Simmons/Fitt Wedding Photographer



Published Work


Back Street Heroes (Issue 352, 2013) - Photography

Twin & Triple (Issue 6, 2013) - Photography





Canon 5D Mark II

50mm f.8

85mm USM f.8

17-40mm L-series f4

Canon 430EX II Speedlite Flashgun

Yongnuo 560 III Flashgun

Cactus v4 Wireless Triggers

Standard reflectors, gels, light stands, umbrella's and softbox's